50 Things Witches Are Sick of Hearing

We asked on our social media what our followers were sick of hearing in terms of misconceptions they encounter regarding witchcraft. Below are 50 of the best responses. Please keep in mind that witches are diverse and carry many different beliefs. You may not agree with everything said below. In the words of Amy Poehler “Good for her, not for me.”


  1. People think that we believe we have magical powers like characters out of a book. I know I’m not Harry Potter, and I’m not trying to be. We’re all just trying to take control of our lives in a way that works for us. @hello__kristin
  2. That all witches are Satanists, and that Satanists are evil. @0obunbuno0
  3. That i am going around hexing people. That I’m evil and against “god”. That I’m going to hell @tasha_etc
  4. The whole gender bias that witches are girls, warlocks are boys is a reoccuring misconception I’m faced with. Additionally the Wiccan vs. Pagan vs. witch seems to come up relatively frequently, as does having to explain the differences between witchcraft and Satanisim as so many think they are synonymous. @glam.witch
  5. That I’m a Satanist, devil worshipping, baby kitten sacrificing blood thirsty heathen when I’m really just making lots of herbal tea, burning candles, love historic tradition and honoring such and have a deep connection to my earth. @cjlynn1977
  6. That were all have bad intentions and work only to get lovers back @mrsconcep
  7. I live in the bible belt, so even the hint of ANYTHING to do with witchcraft most certainly means I either worship Satan or I’m just a silly girl who’s watched Harry Potter too many times. I’m either not taken seriously or I’m taken so seriously that I must be avoided and added to the prayer chain for saving. @923magnolia
  8. “You know you’re going to hell, right?” @lil_witchling
  9. That I’m not a real witch because I’m not from Salem. @catgirlghost
  10. That we constantly curse people or do love spells :p soulfulwhimsy 
  11. That we curse people if they make us mad. Or that it’s not real. It’s funny how they say they don’t believe in witches yet they then distance themselves lol @tara_623
  12. They immediately think I’m doing harm to animals and/or people who make me angry… yet I go by “and ye harm none do what ye will.” Of course they won’t understand.. but they could at least try to. @crystalihze
  13. I been told that I need to be saved by “god”  @ok_my_name_is_rose
  14. Human sacrifices, pact with the devil and atheist. @_sauljosue
  15. That I’m clearly misguided and need to “grow up.” Or my favorite: “how can you expose your children to something like that.” @tarasoutherninteriors
  16. Most people just ask for a tarot reading tbh @_shannonleddyy
  17. That I can fly @bertha16
  18. That I can’t be a witch and believe in Jesus @thequeenofsunsetblvd
  19. If you are a witch you are Wiccan. @thepeacefulpagan
  20. “All witches are extremely sexual and will sleep around” @scanga91 
  21. That witchcraft involves the belief that I can levitate things and turn people into toads. That I’ve sold my soul to the devil. That I play tricks on people and can compel them to do things they wouldn’t normally do on their own like hypnosis with the snap of a finger. That I can poof a million dollars out of nowhere. That it’s an “ugly chick fad.” @ashley2g
  22. Many people assume I must be sacrificing animals to the almighty dark Lord. Or my personal favorite: every ex believing I must have cast a love spell or voodoo hex on them, then begging me to release them from it. 😂 @ragdolletta
  23. That it correlates with being emo or gothic and is a “phase”. @serpentmoondrake
  24. Mostly I get either curiosity or pity – they either want to know more about me or pray for me. I usually return the favor in both cases lol. @cyntaratidehunter
  25. That witches can fly! Only in planes! @ivey_tammy
  26. That I’m subjecting my children to evil and bringing that “stuff” into our home. Somehow, I am not the greatest of a mother to some folks because of it.  @caeylabaggins
  27. “so… Do you have like, powers? Like Charmed” @harleykwinn
  28. I’ve had family members express concern that I sacrifice small animals and worship the devil, but as painful as that is to hear and experience, the silence from my in-laws was deafening. When my mother-in-law confided to me how her mother, my husbands grandmother, felt when she found out, and how she “couldn’t believe her oldest grandson would marry a witch!” I was a heartbroken. @maggithecat13
  29. That all we do is collect crystals and burn sage. @tarotworks 
  30. Because I am male, I must be a Warlock. Or a Wizard. Most people have a misconception that all Witches are old women. @lochlyn_rune
  31. I’ve had people ask me if I’m Wiccan, and when I say no, they get confused. @wandering.nymph
  32. That all of us are Wiccan and need to adhere to the tenants of that religion. @cats_and_crystals
  33. I am not a novelty, I don’t worship Satan, I am not Wiccan, I won’t put a hex on your Mother-in-law no matter how many times you ask, and I will not summon a demon to haunt you if I think you suck. @britta1n
  34. That I am anti-God or anti-Christianity @zenwitchcraft
  35. Most misconceptions I run into that grate on me are from other witches. Posts that state “witches are not…” and list that none of us are satanist, lesbians, do blood or sex magick, sacrifice animals, etc. I’m excuse me but some of us are and do and we will not make ourselves more palatable for non-witches so that other witches can feel normal. Misconceptions that we all follow the same codes, beliefs, and practices coming from other witches is more aggravating than people who aren’t witches. @startwitchin
  36. That we’re all former goths and posers who want attention and money. @petals_n_thorns
  37. I get asked why I haven’t won the lottery yet @aliciaoliver333
  38. People seems to think we are all psychics. Although very intuitive, we still can’t read your mind. @merholly
  39. You must love harry potter… @sexypagan 
  40. “If your a witch then you should be burned alive@letosola
  41. I’m honestly very annoyed by being told to “mind the rule of three” or “remember the rede” assuming that I believe in light or dark magic etc…witches aren’t all wiccan. @dreamerofcolors76
  42. That they assume if you practice witchcraft you wear all black, have no soul, live in a cave, and like dead things. Some of that may be true but it has nothing to do with witchcraft @forgottenfern
  43. That as a male witch, I’m in it for the group sex. So tired of hearing it. I’ve been asked on more than a few occasions if the members of my coven have sex as part of our practice, and specifically me as one if only a few. @m_jhildebrand
  44. Witches are all white, heterosexual women. Me, I’m a queer transman. Not a fan. @tystosterone
  45. That we are either idiots or escaped from a psych hospital. @ophiuchis
  46. People think that your super down to earth and a complete hippie. Like some on, I can have my head way up in the skies and still be a witch! @nopesorryparents
  47. That I will automatically do spellwork for them@ophiuchis
  48. “I am going to help you find Jesus.”Dawn FW
  49. I’m a pagan, and a Romani Gypsy. I am just tired of ‘gypsy’ being misused. No – I will not curse you, no – you are not a gypsy or have a gypsy soul.Brooklyn A.
  50. Pagans and witches can’t be discriminated against because it’s not a “real” religion. But “be careful who you say that around” because people might assault you. But that’s your fault, because you’re the one doing witchcraft.It’s this underlying belief that witchcraft is either fake or evil, which means it shouldn’t be protected or respected, and any violence or attack is deserved.There’s a lot of erasure when it comes to witchcraft. And people will try to say that it’s our fault for hiding in the wood work as if witches hadn’t been burned before for simply existing. And I feel like I’m constantly having to explain that what I do IS real, it IS valid, and it’s NOT DEVIL WORSHIP.

    *Disclaimer: This answer is intended to call attention to a point, but not to the detriment of other victims of discrimination. I’m privileged to be able to modify my spiritual practice to mitigate the amount of conflict in my life to keep myself safe. I am aware that others do not have this luxury. I’m just peeved that people think BECAUSE I have that luxury, the discrimination “doesn’t exist”.* – Tina N.

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